Manoir de Malvoisine is no longer open for fly fishing or guests.

We are hanging up our boots after a wonderful few years, so to all those who stayed here and fished the Andelle we say thank you for making it so special. We wish you all tight lines and happy days.

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Rivers and the inhabitants of the watery elements are made for wise men to contemplate. Isaac Walton.
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Fishing Guidelines

The Andelle and Heronchelles are chalkstreams steeped in history and tradition. In order to preserve their delicate ecosystems we ask you to observe a few fly-fishing guidelines which will enrich your sport and that of future generations.

1. Fly-Fishing Methods

Whenever possible fish upstream to a rising or visible fish.

In circumstance where the water may be carrying colour and no rises or fish are encountered, downstream fishing is permissible.

Only one fly is to be fished at a time and we ask you not to use droppers, weights or 'indicators' (floats) on the line or leader. The deepwater pools are sanctuaries for fish and they should not be harried in these places.

2. Flies

Barbless hooks if possible as crushed barbs may cause as much damage to a fish as a barbed hook.

Dry fly, emerger, lightly weighted and unweighted nymphs preferred.

Recommended maximum fly size Redditch Scale 12. Mayfly season (last week May and first 2 weeks June) size 10.

Strictly no lures e.g. Montanas, Damsels, Clousers etc.

3. Wading

We are happy for you to wade the river, as this will enable high banked and/or densely wooded sections to be fished. However, we suggest you do not wade as a means to move through the river system because this will diminish your later chances of success.

4. Landing and Unhooking Fish

The only means of maintaining stock levels of wild brown trout is through natural spawning. Each fish lost through careless handling is a catastrophe; not only the loss of the fish but loss of its spawning potential. Use knotless specialist catch and release nets. We suggest Brodin nets or the Maclean C&R net. You are welcome to borrow ours. Unhook using the simple 'Ketchum Release' tool. We can lend you one.

The less fish are handled - the better their chances of recovery and survival.